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Elderberries have been widely researched, and found to be a powerful antiviral and immune enhancer. Our formula follows a traditional (and YUMMY) recipe, using honey and lime to give it a sweet and sour pop. Kids love it! 

Use proactively during the cold and flu season by taking one tablespoon per 100 pounds of body weight a day, when around sick people. Elderberry has also been shown to radically reduce the duration of illness when taken during sickness. In an accute situation, take three times daily.

Ingredients: fresh vermont elderberries, raw local honey, organic elderberries, vermont spring water, organic lime, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic locally sourced echinacea angustifolia tincture 

Elderberry Syrup Quart Jar

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  • Consider this option if you have a larger family.

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